Aftertile is game about a cute little ghost traveling a huge maze and using his ghastly powers to help other ghosts.

When life’s over, ghosts gather at the mystical Ever-Floating Comet to find a place to rest for eternity. In there, they search for a special place designated for them inside walls and crevasses, where they can find peace and enlightenment. Ghosty Ghost has just arrived, but apparently there’s no spot properly fit for him. Not only that, but the environment has become slightly unpleasant with the appearance of otherworldly spikes that disturb the balance of the Comet and mischievous imps that bother the other ghosts. Ghosty Ghost sets out to find their source, so him and the other souls there can return to their eternal peaceful days.



  • Floating around and going through walls
  • Huge maps
  • Cute ghost
  • Buddhist vibe
  • Soft and ethereal soundtrack


Aftertile OST performed by Soft Hugs. Soft Hugs is an all-shrine maiden band from the Shrine Maiden Village, and the official band of Aftertile. The band is made up of members Ryuuko (dragon flute) , Tsuko (tsuzumi) , Shako (shamisen) and Yuuko (kokyuu).


With an endless pool of talent and sounds at their disposal they are able to tap into a wide palette of styles from gentle soothing waltzes to catchy upbeat chiptunes. Despite not having a set schedule and performing at random times, their concerts are always bustling with ghosts.

Beloved throughout the entire Ever-Floating Comet, their songs are always playing in a boombox somewhere. Wherever you go, their soft and warm sounds follow.


Aftertile_screenshot02 Aftertile_screenshot03 Aftertile_screenshot04 Aftertile_screenshot05