This is our team!

Clarissa (Maruki)

This is Clarissa Picolo, but she usually goes by Maruki. She is the artist and PR person of LOSTⒶLLOY. She is also the animator and the one that designed this website.

Her past experiences include having a master’s degree in Literature and Narrative Theory in Games and EFL teaching.

Some of her favorite games are Xenoblade Chronicles, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy IX, Legend of Mana, 2D Castlevanias and Katamari.

You can download some of her palettes here.

Fausto (sugoidev)

Fausto Cheder is a mathematician that codes. He is also the audio person and the one that built this website.

His musical background draws inspiration from games like Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy and Sonic.

His favorite games include Xenoblade Chronicles, 2D Castlevanias and Terranigma (Ark is a nice guy).


Dustin van Wyk is LOSTⒶLLOY’s musician. He is from Johannesburg, with a background that includes a brief career in Advertising before pursing music. His experience in writing jingles helps him craft short, sweet delicate tunes. He also dabbles in creating collages on the side for multi-disciplinary projects.

His favorite games are Mother , Animal Crossing and Rival Schools, and his favorite OSTs are Viva Piñata , Rune Factory and We Love Katamari.